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College Station Based pool company updates it’s brand image

Harmony Pools Design & Construction

“Too often we are at a customer’s home, designing a new pool, or just trying to find some time to relax – much less do we have the time to be experts at computer design & marketing” says Nathan Mellen, a 20+ year pool building expert.

Harmony Pools has actually had several incarnations of an online presence over the 10+ years they have been in business, but mostly these websites were created and then became outdated over time as the team focuses on installing swimming pools for their clients. In recent years it became apparent to this pool builder that keeping up with their digital image is more of an obligation than they thought.

Having spoken to peers in the swimming pool industry about their online success it was time to start putting their own plan together, and serve the customers of College Station & Bryan the online component to their new custom pool experience they’ve been waiting for – The Harmony Pools way!

Making the Difference

“We offer better quality custom pools with transparent pricing”, Nathan says.

He continues, “We took a look at the competitive landscape and knew that we had to raise the bar, both for the quality of pools but also the way in which pricing is structured. We now have more of a building block approach to how we help you budget for a new swimming pool, and we even offer a standardized inground pool package as a baseline or to customize as a starting point.”

“Reaching success starts with offering a quality product that we can stand behind – we believe in our abilities to transform your backyard.”

For Harmony Pools it wasn’t just that the website needed to be updated, but to take a look at the operations, materials, equipment and other factors like local vendors and specialty products – the whole eco-system of building custom swimming pools to see how they can make a better overall experience and end result for homeowners.

More to Come

As this pool company continues to grow and win over backyard enthusiasts from around Aggieland Texas they will continue to add more functionality, resources, and information to their growing website.